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Dirk Strobel, Brewmaster

BREMICON is a network of specialists mainly in Thailand and Germany under the supervision of the German Brewmaster Dirk Strobel, based in Bangkok, Thailand.
30 years of experience in the brewery business all over the world is the quality
assurance for satisfied customers and
successful brewery and microbrewery solutions,wherever you are!
Our network consists of, beside the brewery engineering, specialists for all aspects: Spare parts, dispensing equipment of all kinds, craft-beer equipment,tank manufacturing,water filtration and treatment, stainless steel manufacturing, project planning and architects,interior design, staff-training,3D-visualization and CAD drawings, brewery manufacturers, raw material companies,marketing strategists and equipment dealers. The whole team works together as one, focused on one target: Satisfied customers.

Here a small selection of our specialists:

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Ohm

Architect and construction consulting,

Customer relations, staff training, alternative energies and many other expertises

Michael Ohm

Klaus Weihe

Marketing and Distribution consulting, customer relations, raw materials and many other expertises worldwide

Klaus Weihe

Titiwat Nopvichaisak

All stainless steel works, installations,

visualizations and drawings

Khun Eak

Virayouth Rathikoun

Office Vientiane, P.R.Laos

Khun Virayouth

Ampha Strobel

Secretary, Thai customer relations

Office Bangkok

Ampha Strobel
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