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The first BREMICON Pilot brewery! Stay tuned for more info coming soon...

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Brewhouse 10 hl

BREMICON is a Consulting company with the experience from 29 years in all areas of the brewery business, be it planning, sales, maintenance, consulting, repairs, newly-built systems, -you name it.

We are the right solution for you when it comes to all sizes of breweries and microbreweries, we find out together, what kind of system you want or need. We want you to be successful and help you with your new enterprise. That's why we also serve you with tailor made solutions concerning your budget.

If you are not sure, just let us know and we will arrange a meeting and find out the best solution for you!

Our successful activities range from consulting of all kinds and for all sizes and areas over new product development and recipe formulations in selected breweries in any country, any beer style, any brewery sizes.

We are specialists in helping you to find the right choice of equipment for your budget, we even install and dismantle any of your projects. Our turnkey offer of entire projects is worth to be mentioned as well!

Whatever problem or idea you have: let us know and we can handle it!


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